African Meerkat Project

Kalahari desert

Date of Formation
Aniju Aura
South Africa Kalahari
Famous Mobs
Known For
Meerkats Study of Enlightenment
Also Known As
Place for meerkats to be dominant and thrive

African Meerkat Project or AMP is for meerkats who once lived in the KMP or still alive currently today. The African Meerkat Project was started in 2008 with four groups. Fromt hsoe four formed other groups. The first groups were the Barbarians, Iguana, Pikmin and the Yoshies. There are currently 16 mobs and one unnamed that is being track currently in June. There is one wild mob that was given a name and but is having difficulty being habituated. Here are the current mobs.

Current GroupsEdit

Aristocats Mob

Barbarians Mob

Gangsters Mob

Iguana Mob

Hollyhock Mob

Pikmin Mob

Ninja Mob

Quetzals Mob

Ragnarok Mob

Samurai Mob

Troopers Mob

X-Men Mob

Underdog Mob

Warriors Mob

Yoshies Mob

Zebra Mob

Plus one unnamed mob

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